Blacklight: Tango Down Available for Xbox Tomorrow

July 6, 2010
by: Matt E.



I'll admit, I'm totally pissed that the Medal of Honor Beta has been delayed for about 17 or so days for Xbox 360.  Not that I'm counting or anything.  But fear not, a little knownl developer by the name of Zombie Studios has heard your cries of agony for some new FPS action.

The downloadable title Blacklight: Tango Down will be available via Xbox live tomorrow for a mear 1200 MS Points.  The title will be released for both the PC and PS3 "in the coming weeks." 

The game features extensive gun customization options and a blend of realistic and sci-fi first person shooter action.  Check out a few launch screens below and be sure to check out some gameplay before you get your feet wet.  I'll be on all night tomorrow, so if your looking for some teammates leave your gamertag in the comments below.