Next Mass Effect 2 DLC to Feature Liara,  Shadow Broker

April 15, 2010
by: Matt E.


Those PC gamers are at it again.  Apparently rummaging through the source files of the Mass Effect 2 PC game has uncovered some interesting sound clips featuring Liara T'soni and referencing the Shadow Broker.

liaradlcThe file names themselves are the most interesting, each featuring DLC in the string.  It's also worth pointing out that it appears Liara may leave Illium to join you on the hunt for the Shadow Broker, as evidenced by the Liara Norm_Intro (possibly standing for Normandy.) 

Now before we get our panties all bunched up, let me first explain that at this point this information is strictly rumor and speculation.  However, it should be noted that the Kasumi audio files were found in a similar fashion, long before Bioware confirmed the character's existence.

A video on youtube has surfaced which dubs the audio files over existing game footage providing additional information on the potential mission.  The audio files showcase Shepard and Liara discussing the Shadow Broker.  At one point, Liara addresses the Shadow Broker personally. 

Speculation from the dialogue seems to point to a mission in which Liara joins Shepard to locate and confront the Shadow Broker.  Considering Mass Effect's karma system, one would assume that the choice to either kill or spare the Shadow Broker will presented at the climax of the story. 

While Mass Effect 2 is no stranger to DLC, recently the pipeline has seemingly dried up.  Aside from Kasumi's Stolen Memory, most of the DLC were short single mission sessions.  Kasumi's story offered an enjoyable mission, but failed to offer any groundbreaking revelations or subplots.  Liara's story, on the other hand, could potentially change both the Mass Effect universe and a fan favorite character. 

It's no secret that many fans disapprove of the direction Bioware took with Liara's character.  Many complain that Liara's demeanor is too dark and pinned with evil undertones.  Considering the gravity of Liara eliminating the Shadow Broker and taking over the information network, one would expect that a longer experience (rather than a single mission) is in order.  It stands to reason that if the Liara DLC is released, it would come in the form of a full expansion akin to Dargon Age: Origins - Awakening.  Liara's mission would most likely be available after the suicide mission, and offer the ability to import your existing character.

Bioware has openly stated that they are interested in developing Liara's character.  Given her massive fan following, one would expect that a mission featuring the Asari as a squadmate (even if it's mission specific) would garner a lot of fan interest.  With the Redemption series at it's conclusion it makes sense for Bioware to wrap up the Liara / Shadow Broker subplot in Mass Effect 2, rather than saving it for ME3.  Bioware, however, has been rather silent on the subject.