Red Dead Redemption Hunting Guide

May 24, 2010
by: Matt E.


Hunting is as much a part of the American West as killing Indians or that dumb mouse Fievel.  Whether it’s hunting Buffalo to their extinction or killing the great bird that stands as our country's symbol Red Dead Redemption recreates the excitement of the hunt like no other. 

So if you’re going for that Unnatural Selection Achievement, trying to finish your Master Hunter Challenges, or just wasting some time on the frontier, be sure to check out of extensive animal guide to help you with all your hunting needs.

Before you set out for the hunt, make sure you have the proper gear.  Stock up on ammunition and make sure you bring a camp site.  Some animals only come out during the night so you’ll want to make sure you’ll have a place to dose off while you wait.  In addition, hunting on the frontier is full of peril, so when you go after some of the big game you’ll want to make sure to save your game.  A pair of binoculars also come in handy when you're scoping out the terrain for animals in the distance.

WIthout further ado, here is a list of the 33 species in Red Dead Redemption and the best places to find them.



These little critters are everywhere in the Southern Territories, although they are easy to miss.  Armadillo travel at a snail’s pace and let out a distinctive snorting sound as you pass.  One shot will be enough to take them out; just don’t mistake them for a rock.  Your best bet to catch these shelled mammals is to stick around the Perdido region during the daytime.  You'll often find them runing along the road.  I like to make a large circular path around Las Hermanas taking them out on horseback.

Armadillo Carapace - $5
Armadillo Meat - $3




Arguably the most dangerous animal found in Red Dead Redemption.  These Herbivores definitely aren’t the Yogi and Boo Boo you’re used to.  Forget picnic baskets, these bears want blood.  Make sure you have a fast horse or you’re a quick shot, because once these baddies come charging you only havea moment to live.

Bears are found exclusively in the Tall Trees area.  Head West from Blackwater until you reach Manzanita Post, from there travel northwest until you hit the snow covered ground before the mountains.  Keep in mind, these are bear hunting grounds and they are often found in groups of 2 or 3.  Your best bet is to lay some bait and wait within shooting distance.  Be careful though, one swipe from these claws will send you on a one way trip to the undertaker.

Bear Meat – $8
Bear Fur - $12
Bear Claw - $8
Bear Teeth - $8



Nature’s engineer can be found near the waters of Flat Iron Lake, just East of Blackwater.  From Blackwater, head east until you hit the coast.  If you follow the coast north you will eventually come to a small slope that leads to the water’s edge – Welcome to Beaver City.  You haven’t seen this much Beaver since your last Spring Break in Panama City.

Beaver Meat - $5
Beaver Fur - $12


-Big Horn

You know that old wives tail about how if mountain goats hit heads hard enough their hooves will fall off?  We’ll that’s bullshit, but these goats sure do make good target practice.

Head Northwest from Tall Trees until you reach the Mountains.  You’ll likely have to scale a few cliffs to get to the where the Big Horns roam, but it’s worth the trek.  Just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Cougars, as Big Horns are one of their favorite meals.

Big Horn Antlers – $10
Big Horn Fur - $8
Big Horn Meat - $5



Ah the wild boar.  While it’s no substitute for good old bacon, it’s the next best thing.  These ill tempered pigs can be found in the southern areas of Tall Trees, although my favorite place to hunt them is near Stillwater Creek, between Thieves’ Landing and MacFarlane’s Ranch. 

Head out at dusk to find the boars frolicking in the muddy creek beds.  Just make sure to avoid their charges as their razor sharp tusks will make short work of your horse.

Boar Meat - $5
Boar Skin - $3
Boar Tusk - $8



The Bobcat is one of the more elusive creatures in the game.  Typically you can find them in the Southern areas.  These felines are smaller than Coyotes and much less noisy.  In fact, if you’re not paying close attention it’s likely they will run past you undetected.

Head over to Perdido just north of Las Hermanas at dusk for the best chance to find them.  If you don’t have any luck, try heading North East to Diez Coronas in the area between El Presidio and Torquemada.  I’ve found that the small cats like to stay near the cliff side and will run away when they spot you.

Bobcat Fur - $5
Bobcat Meat - $6
Bobcat Claws - $12